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Fix it where it breaks




Voltage input: 85 ~ 220VAC / 20VDC

Power output: 100W (AC)

Material: 303SS. T6061 Aluminum Jaws, Cage & Tip Accessories

Light: Two bright white LEDs

Packaging: Hard plastic casing for transport

US Patent:  9,669,481


Choose between AC and/or complete battery power operation in excess of 2.5 hours per charge. Able to solder in under 2 minutes.

Thermal Stripper

Achieves perfectly stripped wires without damaging small braided wires.


Integrated heat shields allows for tight quarter operations near sensitive applications.


Quick disconnect parts allow interchangeability of included extension tips (duck bill, needle nose and 45 degree tips).


Battery powered application yields results on wires that range from 32 - 1/0 gauge.


Automated sensor monitors tip temperature and real time remaining battery life. User selectable custom heat presets.


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